Shadrach's Shoes - Abunoah III

Staring into the steely eyes of the man who decreed the edict I can't follow...
Gazing at the blazing furnace beckoning on the other hand
I wish I could hear, 
I wish it were a bit more clear Lord
You've given me a family You know
would You have me abandon them so

I feel the beat of the drum hear the raucous din
feel the heat of the crowd as they press in I can't think straight.
Stand up tall of fall prostrate,
90 degree simple change in state,
how hard can this be?
(to) Future generations peering into the lens of the book,
appearing as it then will look, my path lies clear...
but the blank parchment that's today
will be inscribed with my life's blood
spilled in accordance with my actions here...
I think I can see, I hear the way You want it to be
but it's not so easy You know,
things sank so quickly, so low....

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I am the Lord your God
who brought you out of Egypt