Misinformed Minion - Abunoah III

Well Creator, how have you been?
Haven't seen much of You lately.
Rumor control had it You'd be back again,
but You know how it is you can't
trust the Grapevine...

So, whose are these captives
what's the meaning of this train?
What did you think that three days of preaching
would stand You to gain?

The power of death reigns here
and You've crossed his line
And since I have the keys to the gate
Jesus, you are mine

So go clean Yourself up I'll get my master
someone fetch the Man a drink
I promise it won't be poison this time

So why have You really come
to the insurmountable ramparts of death
He's already beat you once
And Jesus we will fight to the end...

I AM the End...

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I am the Lord your God
who brought you out of Egypt