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About us

We are just a handful of guys from Annapolis, Maryland, serving the Lord through music as best we know how.

Charlie Fowler - Keys, vocals, trumpet

At a very young age my mother forced me to take piano lessons. For five years I hated it. I quit for a year when we moved from the United States to Canada. When I came back I couldn't play the simplest of songs from the year before. From then on I was hooked. In the music I was learning I sometimes found I preferred my mistakes to what was written, thus commenced my songwriting career, such as it is... ;-)

My lyrics are almost exclusively Bible centric due to several factors. When I started writing I was too geeky to have a girlfriend to serenade, hated the taste of alcohol and was too scared to try drugs. So, really, the only thing left that meant anything to me enough to write about was stuff I learned in Bible studies and Church. I don't apologize for this, it is what it is, and so far my committment to Jesus Christ and following the precepts of what I consider to be His Word, the Bible, have extended me a very satisfying life. I welcome any and all dialog on the subject.

My music comes out as it does and is almost never what I wanted it to be... I wish I could compose like Bach, Peter Gabriel, Guy, Laurie Anderson, the King Crimson Crowd, Jodeci, David Bowie, Billy Joel, Todd Rundgren, Charlie Peacock, Keith Sweat, Frank Zappa, and the list goes on and on. I try to complicate my stuff to give Andre Taylor, my friend and frequent percussionist a challenge, and sometimes it works. Thanks for visiting. Equipment: EMU Proteus Korg Mono/Poly Korg Wavestation EX Keyboard Roland DR550 Yamaha DX7 Edirol U-8/Cubasis.

Andre Taylor - Percussion

Hello, I've been playing drums since age 15. Now twice that age, I've learn plenty, but that's never enough for me. I'm a life time student with the desire not to be the best but do the best I can do for the time that I'm KICKING THE DRUM. I've played in Voyager with Dana Biagini (base and keys), Paul Parkey (lead guitar), Torrin Wright (vocal) and Micheal Mchenry (lead guitar). Ealier members included Jeff Klien (1st lead guitar) and Wendy and Linda (vocals) in 1984-85. Other bands include The Up in the air band, Epitaph, and many other small projects.

I have been working on the CHARLIE FOWLER PROJECT here in the Annapolis area. I enjoy playing with pianist/electronic keys and mystical computer genius Charlie Fowler who is currently working on a second spiritual Knowing of the Lord that he has written. He's "DA MAN." Charlie's work is demanding of me, he likes to stump me, but I love a challenge.

My influences are Saga, Rush, Journey, Tributech, Dave Weckl, Pat Metheny, Yes, Tony Thompson, Omar Hakim, Santana, Cameo, and many more which includes music ranging from Classical, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Punk, Funk, Country, New World, and many many more. I live in Annapolis Maryland, and hope to meet all musicians and non musicians to talk music or just shooting the breeze. I love studio work as well as playing out, but I have the most fun developing parts for originals. I also enjoy teaching, it's rewarding to me. Happy drumming, good day.

Jonas - Doumbek, Cello, other percussion

Jonas makes an appearance on several of our pieces adding just the right touch!

Matt Larson - Guitar

Matt Larson appears courtesy of Larson Music! Matt brings his "heart of worship," soulful and uplifting playing to a few of our tunes, most notably Psalm 81. We're looking forward to Matt's future contributions as he's able.

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I am the Lord your God
who brought you out of Egypt